Through the years (2008-2016)

It was founded in 2008 by students of National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) --Faculty of Mechanical Engineering-- who were willing to exceed their knowledge and skills in designing and constructing a race car. Within months of its foundation Prom Racing Team managed to classify First in Class3 event of Formula SAE competition in Italy.…
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Special thanks to

As a team, apart from our sponsors, we would like to thank the workshops of the buildings "Ξ" and "Λ" of the Mechanical Engineering department, NTUA for its provision of services regarding the construction of our car. Also, special thanks to the "ANYM" workshop of the Electrical Enginnering department, NTUA for their help in the…
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Results – Distinctions at the FSAE competitions 2017 – 2018

Our team, having been through a whole year, trying to be prepared to the best extent possible for the summer competitions, set off its journey from Hungary and FSAE East. At this competition, after an extraordinary and full performance, we gained, among 30 teams, the following places and prizes in the individual events: Static Events…
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