"Once something is a passion, the motivation is there"
Michael Schumacher  

"To achieve anything in this game, you must be prepared to dabble in the boundary of disaster"
Stirling Moss

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Learn about Prom Racing Team.

Welcome to Prom Racing. We are a team of students from the National Technical University of Athens, dedicated to designing and building a single seat race car to compete in Formula Student competitions around the world. By exploring this site you will find more about our prestigious team and how to get involved with it.



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Our team provides promotion services to every company, firm, or corporation that decides to support us, both in Greece and internationally. Click "more" to find out how to support us, as well as the services we provide according to each sponsorship.


Formula Sae

Learn about Formula Student.

Formula Student is a student engineering competition created by SAE. It’s the largest student competition worldwide. Global events are being held during summer for both combustion cars (FSC) and electric cars (FSE). In this site you will find more about its concept and about its point system.



Learn about what we are up to.

In this website, you will find briefings and updates about the progress of our work. By browsing you will find more about the upcoming events we will be taking part in, glimpses of our social media and a complete archive of all our newsletter publications.



January 10, 2008

1st place at class 3 of FS Italy

September 22, 2008

Recruiting and training

January 8, 2009

Design phase of P11- Complete

December 22, 2010

Team’s first participation at Class 1

September 5, 2011

32nd place overall in FSItaly 2011 23 place overall in FS Hungary 2011  

Recruiting and training

October 10, 2014

Design phase of P16-Complete

December 23, 2015

Manufacturing phase of P16- Complete

July 3, 2016

Participation at Class 1 of FS Czech Republic

August 6, 2016

24 place overall

Major Recruiting and training

October 10, 2016

Conceptual Design of P18 started

November 1, 2016

Registration in FSAustria- Achieved

January 8, 2017

Participation in FS Austria

July 28, 2017

Our team achieved 26 place overall out of 50 teams

18th Place in FSA Combustion

August 3, 2017

Major Sponsors